5 Amazing Women Who’re Busting The Myth That Some Careers Are Only For Men

Posted by Aakanksha Aggarwal in Society, Women Empowerment
December 8, 2016

How often does it happen that we call a mechanic and there comes a woman to help us out? Or maybe you call an electrician at home and a woman reaches your place to do the job? Have you seen women driving buses, autos and heavy vehicles such as trucks? Many people today are great proponents of gender equality and also believe that women are no less than men. Even though there are some career paths which are male dominated, there are still some women who have broken the walls of societal judgement and have excelled in the fields which were thought to be unfit for women.

Recently, a start-up named UrbanClap released a video for its advertisement and very nicely told the stories of women in different careers. The video is a scene of an average 27-28-year-old male who is helped by women at different stages. This is a salute to all those women who have taken the paths which were thought to be so far away from their reach. The women who follow the unconventional path not only open the doors of opportunity for other women but also encourage them to choose a career which they find suitable, without thinking of what the society would say. Let’s read about women who took the path of courage and excelled in their field.


1. Ishita Malaviya-Surfer

Surfing is a profession that has always been thought of as a man’s sport. One cannot even think of a woman taking it up as a profession. Even in television and any form of media, we see men cutting the waves and working as surfers. An average man never pictures a woman taking part in such a risky sport. However, defying all the norms, Ishita Malaviya, who is from Mumbai, is the first woman surfer from India. She not only encouraged many young girls to learn the art of surfing but also challenged those who are against dark skinned women. She has broken several stereotypes and will remain an inspiration not only for those women who are interested in following the sport, but also those who plan to take up careers which they are passionate about.

QINHUANGDAO, CHINA - MAY 13: Ayako Minowa (Red) of Japan fights against Mery Kom Hmangte (Blue) of India in the Women's 51kg preliminary match during the AIBA Women's World Boxing Championships on May 13, 2012 in Qinhuangdao, China. The AIBA Women's World Boxing Championships 2012 which is a London Olympic Games Qualifying Event will be held from May 11 to 19. (Photo by Feng Li/Getty Images)

2. Mary Kom-Boxer

Whenever we think of buying a gift for a small girl, the first thought that comes to our mind is that of a doll. However, there are girls who are far away from being delicate like a doll and can show any man their strength if given the chance. Women are always thought of as weak and soft. However, there are some who prove their courage and strength and even men can’t stand in front of them. Mary Kom is one such lady who has taken up the career of boxing which has always been dominated by men. She is a five-time world champion and is the only woman boxer who has won a medal in six world tournaments. Now, she runs a boxing school for girls and gives them proper training for reaching new heights in this sport.


3. Shatbhi Basu-Bartender

If someone goes to a bar for a drink, they see a man juggling  glasses and mixing up different drinks to make a perfect concoction. Fifteen years ago, the industry was 100% dominated by men. There was not even a single lady in this profession. In Indian society, this is a difficult job even for a man and one can just imagine how the society would react if a woman wilfully decides to take this up as a career. However, Shatbhi Basu, took the front seat and opted for bartending as a full-time profession. She chose this career at the time when even men used to hesitate to work in this field. Now, at the age of 55, she heads a bartending school named STIR. She not only opted for this unconventional career field but also made it a mainstream career for many women as well as men. Through her institute, she has given a great foundation to this career in India.

Image Source: Youtube

4.  Prema Ramappa-Bus Driver

If you search online about women drivers, you will find plenty of jokes to laugh at for days. Most men and even some women perceive that women can’t be good drivers. For a public transport, they would never trust a woman driver. However, the times are changing drastically and now we can see many women driving buses and trucks. The direction to the women, in this case, was given by Prema Ramappa Nadapatti, who became the first woman driver in Bengaluru. She started working in the Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation. She said that it all started when her husband died and she had no other choice to survive than to take up a career which is considered to be the forte of men. Her colleagues often call her ‘daredevil’. After looking at her, many women have started working in this field.

Image Source: Bharti Singh/ Facebook

5. Bharti Singh-Stand Up Comedian

India, which has had great comedians such as Mehmood and Johny Lever, nobody pictures a woman cracking jokes on different day to day activities with the same ease. Even in most of the reality shows on TV, the participants are men and even if there are women, no one has been able to make her name as well as Bharti Singh. She was the first Indian woman comedian who received attention from viewers because of perfect comic timing and skills. Even though she was body shamed many times because of her weight, she used it as a characteristic to make people laugh. Following her and by getting inspired by her, many young women have started doing shows and events to make people laugh. Her efforts to inspire other women in this field will surely give results in the near future with many more women comedians.

These examples are not the only ones in our big country. There are many more stories which even we have failed to cover due to lack of space. Every day several women stand up for their rights and fight for what belongs to them. These career options also belong to them. There is no one who can take this opportunity away from them. The only thing that is required is passion and dedication. The above women have inspired many other women and this chain will keep on growing. We can definitely say that India is growing rapidly with doors of opportunities opening up for men and women both equally. There is no point in labelling any career as a ‘male’ or ‘female’ career. Today, almost all the career options are suitable for everyone and this wave is certainly giving a new direction of growth to the country.

Many career counsellors have also started providing guidance to women about how they can choose a specific career of their interest. This is the time when we need to pave a road towards aims and goals for women rather than confining them to a few careers and hoping that gender equality would come out of it.


Featured Image source: Shatbhi Basu/ Facebook, Ishita Malaviya/ Facebook, Feng Li/ Getty Images