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सोच बदलो देश बदलेगा

Posted by Vishal sharma
January 6, 2017

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In the last few couple of years bollywood has given various women oriented movies like Queen, Pink, Dangal etc, the way these movies earn in the box offices, I thought society is changing its view regarding the ‘male chauvinism’ but every time when I starts to believe that our Indian society is changing, I certainly fall in my believes. At one corner, a girl has been praised for winning the medals in the Olympics and on the other corner a girl has been beaten to death, coerced to sex. Yes they are the same incidents of our ‘Incredible India’. A lot has been talked about women’s empowerment in our nation but still in the end of the day a woman is exploited, molested, harassed or raped.

The Union Ministry of Women & Children Development has taken very decisive actions to address the issues of women in the year 2015 like-

  1. Beti Bachao Beti Padhao, this was seeks to improve the child sex ratio and ensuring survival, protection and education of the girl child.
  2. Nirbhya Fund Utilisation, to strengthen the institutions of governance to allow empowerment and safety of women.
  3. One Stop Centres, to facilitate access to an integrated range of services including medical, legal, and psychological support to women affected by violence to be funded through Nirbhaya Fund.
  4. Launched Special Mahila Police Volunteer Program and 33% reservation of women in Police[i].

There are plethora of other similar women’s related programs and policies launched by the respective government. In spite of this, every other day a woman becomes a victim- Whether the incident is of a Delhi girl who has been stabbed 28 times by stalker resulting her to death or an incident related to women’s who were assaulted in Bangalore in new year eve in the city of Bangalore. According to the survey reports it came to know that India is the most vulnerable place for woman in the world in terms of her safety. Also according to the Gender Inequality Index 2015, India’s ranking is 127 out of 141 countries[ii]. Government has to understand that instead of launching new programs they should better work in the proper execution of old programs and schemes.

To need a change in society it is not only the government programs and laws that can alone change, but it’s the society attitude that has to change and this is most important because, if society will not accept the laws and programs made by the government then there shall be no purpose to passing that by government.

Assault, rape, molestation etc, these type of incidents are really dishearten for all those people in this world who believes in ‘human rights’. Many people believe that women empowerment is pro women but this is not a correct approach. Women empowerment is just a pro human rights and nothing else. It’s just few narrow minded people who blames women for such type of incidents as according to them these women incite those culprits by their short clothes and by their too open behaviour.

No doubt that in last 20 years, various changes have been seen throughout the world in relation to the empowerment of women but still whenever there is an issue related to women, the patriarchal world obstructs and make the issue more complex, due to which the rights which women’s deserve right now, are indefinitely delayed. In India,

This is a nation where people celebrate and worship girls for nine days in Navratri. This is a nation where women are still under the curse of taboos. They are not able to share their mental and physical anguish with anyone, or even if they do, they are either being neglected or reprimanded. This is nation which has produced and continues to produce women who inspires to the whole world like Kalpana Chawla, Saina Nehwal, Chanda Kochar etc. But the list is very short as compare to the population of women in India. It is due to because they don’t feel themselves safe, secure and comfortable. State always failed to provide the satisfaction level to women of all categories whether working in office or residing in home.

We dreams of well develop smart cities, clean India, high economy etc. But we forget that this can only be complete if there will be a proper contribution of women. It has to be understood that both, male and female of the country make a nation and also contribute towards the progress of a nation. The attitude of male chauvinism is only pushing India backward and they have to stop believing that women are not merely an asset.

Government has a great role for protection of women in this society and they have to bring some powerful amendment in their law and policies so that the culprits may think hundred times before doing any evil behaviour with woman.



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