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2016: A Year Of Progressive Student Activism

Posted by Sanjeev Singh
January 2, 2017

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THE year was inaugurated with a warm breath of protest and by progressive forcess of society . As it was visible under the thunder of OCCUPY UGC MOVEMENT & ROHITH VEMULA [ A dalit scholar from HCU ] sucide Case . However the fall in quality of student politics of the last decade had created a negative image among the common citizen of India . The sacredness of student activism during its origin at times of YOUNG BENGAL & during INDIAN NATIONAL MOVEMENT had been affected due to political interference by parent political parties . The Parent political Party started to use their student union in order to satisfy their self interest and enhancing their social base & cadres rather then enriching the young blood with ideals of democratic process to strengthen the process of progressive nation building . Its applicable for all Right wing , left wing as well as liberal democratic parties .

Eventhough GOVT. tried to discipline the student politics in educational institution after the recommendation of Lynghdoh committee report[2006] but the situation remained same as Lynghdoh is also criticised on various grounds such as use of undemocratic way to choose representatives where elections are not held . Other then this barrieing the student to contest on age grounds as this is self contradictary with educational institutions as their in no age barier to enter in campuses . AND the students are Bariered to contest if the contested once , this is also self contradictory on the grounds of Democratic principles .

In 2016 when the Right Wing forces On Center attacked JAWAHARLAL NEHRU UNIVERSITY { a strong base of left student politics } 0n 9th FEB 2016 Program against the judicial killing of AFZAL GURU . As a follow up plan after the attack on ASA [AMBEDKAR STUDY ASSOCIATION ]In IIT MADRAS then On FTII [FILM & TELIVISION INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY] ,And then the HCU [ Hyderabad central university ] Rohith Vemula case. The students of J.N.U , DU , Jamia and other premier institute of Indialike JADAVPUR UNIVERSITY , HCU , OSMANIA UNIVERSITY United to flood the streets of Delhi to Defend the attack on culture of Debate and Dissent , to defend the attack on right to Protest , to defend the attack on progressive thinking under the hollow umbrella of Nationalism .

At last Kanahiya Kumar [ the former President of JNUSU ] and other students charged with sedition granted bail by the court as Delhi Police was not able to proof them accussed .The whole Political Drama of nationalism under the ambit of BJP govt. where ABVP [ Akhil Bhartiya vidyarthi Parishad ] was dancing on the tunes of their Parent Organization [ MAI BAAP ] was crushed by the student unity of Progressive forces , The win -win sitution on the roadways of progressive nation building was the whole progressive student community stood up supporting each other assuming it as an attack on whole student community eventhough dividrd on different party lines . The essence of ideal student activism reflected here which was vissible during INDIAN NATIONAL MOVEMENT . As it was visible that common students those who dont have any political background but imagined through his intellects that the attack on J.N.U is attack on whole progressive student community joined hand in hands to flood the streets & face the lathi-charge of Delhi Police .

Therefore it reflects that Progressive understanding of Young blood of our nation which need to be nurished as they are the basic axioms of democratic process & important hands which contribute towards the progressive nation-building .

hence its need of an hour to chanalize the progressive understanding of the youths by enourging the sacredness & pure student activism in university campuses without the political interferrences of Parent political organization . As Gundaraaj and use of Money & Mussle power in student politics is merely a reflection or shadow of Mainstream
politics . The agendas of student organizations should reflect the understanding of broad social base rather than playing the Floute of their “Mai Baap” or Parent wing .And offcourse its not possible without the strong initiative by civil societies . And student Politics shall become a tool to bring social transformation rather than as a tool to
shine Political career .

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