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A Boisterous Mystery

Posted by Shivam Aggarwal
January 25, 2017

Have you ever been sad?  Of course, it’s natural. Sometimes we think that nothing will make us happy. There are times when we are so disappointed with our lives, career and many other insidious situations that are hard to handle and we give up.

I think I have cracked the trick to handle this situation by a very simple trick which I have followed and seen changes with.

Have you ever been in contact with someone who is very special to you? Let me tell you the love bells ringing in Bollywood movies when an actor sees his girl is equally true in real life too. But love has different definitions after all.

You may like your friends so much that their presence has a deep effect on your mindset and characteristics. Or you may like a person who is just a normal friend, but they are so effulgent that they might make your day blowing away all your worries in a single go.

The formula to be happy is to be with someone who is enchanting to be with. Who is very good at expressing their thoughts and can communicate better to you. They are listeners, and you can share anything you want. They will motivate you, help you, scold you but they really love you.

If you are bored then they will do crazy stuff not to show you but they are so good in expressing that they ended up being an idol to you. There are some people that we just want to see to make our day. They have a magical conjuration and charm in them. They are full of life.

I had an experience two days back when I was browsing something on the Internet and suddenly stopped on her profile. We had a decent chat afterwards, but when I was talking to her I really felt like how someone can be so real in expressing their feeling for a one who is not even her friend logically. She was so comfortable talking about new ideas or to inspire me to add something in my new articles. Though that was my first conversation with her but I was so impressed that I couldn’t resist from writing about her.

That is one of a kind experience one can ever have. I guess now we are good friends. It really seems cool to have a friend who can just take you as a friend not judges you on the looks, attire or personification.

I guess we need someone who is as crazy as her. Whenever we feel bored they can handle it so well. To be very frank, I am not a very cheerful person but to make myself happy I try to stay in touch with those people who are happy and full of life. They unintentionally have a stronghold impact on you and in my case, she had an impact on my creativity. I am writing an article on a girl who is not my friend logically but still, I am writing article on her that shows her impact on me.

It is as simple. If you want to be happy,  be with someone who is happy with themselves.