A Human’s Cry

Posted by Hanzala Mojibi
January 6, 2017

It was New Year’s Eve, December 31, 2016. People were out in throngs on the streets to celebrate. They looked forward to things anew. To hope and change. It was to be the beginning of a beautiful year. Except, it didn’t turn out that way.

We got news of a ‘mass molestation’, a term which I happened to come across for the first time. Soon, videos and photos surfaced of the horrific night in Bangalore. Shocked, I watched many of them, grinding my teeth in anger and helplessness.

Why did this happen? No. Not because they were dressed a certain way. Not because they shouldn’t be celebrating. Not because they were out on the streets. It’s because of the mentality that those men had. It’s because they know that the blame would somehow be put on the victims. It’s because they know that no strict action would ever be taken against them. It’s because they have been taught that they should because they can.

Facts and figures rank India among the top countries for crimes against women. Such pride! We all remember Nirbhaya, don’t we? There was a major outcry and protest following the incident. But nothing budged. And to this day, Nirbhayas continue to be mistreated.

What could be done? The immediate requirement is to create a generation of individuals who have respect and dignity for others. A generation whose mentality is to support and protect women rather than use them. But that is a hope which will remain one for a long time to come. We can never look towards a safe India when those in power are hollow, self-centered, chauvinistic tyrants who come built in with the mentality that men are but to oppress women. It’s planted inside everyone’s mind that these happenings occur and they are natural. It is reported that around 1500 cops were deployed where the incident took place without them taking any immediate action. How do we expect change when our leaders find these incidents quite normal? In the words of the Karnataka Home Minister, “These things happen”. With ease, such a grotesque incident was shoved aside.

We need stricter laws against people who dare to malign the dignity of women. We are in dire need of a leader who tends to take action for the smallest of incidents. The mass molestation in Bangalore has seen no strict action taken for, as of now. Is this how we plan to fight against the nuisances in the society? The laws must be such that a person mustn’t dare to even think of such an act. If not respect, let fear do the work. And to those ‘humanitarians’ who care about the guilty and that they should be treated humanely, don’t worry. These are not humans anyways, these are pests. And pests should be treated accordingly.

I want justice for all. I want each person to be able to walk across any road without any fear. Is that too much to ask? I hope not.