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January 18, 2017

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For a boy who would always wonder how to do things differently and better,Teenovators was the start of something new for me a venture rather. For this boy all he wants is to become an IAF pilot and likes getting his hands dirty taking apart stuff seeing how they work building stuff. teenovators was the chance for my team and I to go and compete with other teams around the country and make a difference at the same time. I felt manipal has done a wonder full thing going out to the future of society and find these brilliant minds and give them a chance to shine. Personally I felt that this was a chance to go and make a difference.  I’ve always wanted to take my ideas further and I got the chance. my last session of teenovators wasn’t a success but this tie my team and I have gotten to the finals and wee be going to manipal soon. This has been a train ride all over my skills and has helped improve them I had many ideas and stuff but I was only able to realize them with teenovators and my team. The first time I heard about teenovators it was at school when sachin sir came over to take a test. Later we formed our team then we sat to think. Then my friend and I went to Mumbai to attend the ink conference there we presented a new project we worked since we got informed that we were to go to Mumbai. It was a great learning in Mumbai as we listened to the talks and presented there. But alas we weren’t able to make further than the intercity challenge. my team   four of us are 10th grade and one is form 9th grade. we all love to stay and work together even if it is late at night. The best part is when we sit and put our heads together to all overcome a problem. it has made me realize how important a team is and it is also no fun without a team.

This year was different, we started when our sir told go and do something for those vendors over there .so my team and I went and surveyed going around interviewing vendors and hawkers asking then what problem they faced. This was a fun thing to do and we enjoyed doing what we did. Then we sat and developed the project. we came up with the v watch, a device that will change the way we do commerce.  initially we thought of targeting the bottom of the pyramid retail shops, once we got to the finals we retargeted to cater the top well it is certain if the big stores use it this will persuade the smaller ones to follow. We are now competing in the finale 2017. This has been a great,fun demanding but fruit full endeavor, I have experienced and hope that many more like me can experience this type of learning and get this type of mentor ship and achieve the impossible. I will forever cherish these memories. For now I wait the results in the finals.

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