Jailed For Protesting Acid Attacks, This Iranian Activist Is On The Verge Of Death

Posted by Masih Alinejad in GlobeScope, Video
January 5, 2017

In October 2014, at least four Iranian women were attacked with acid in Isfahan for being “badly-veiled”. Despite public outcry, not a single perpetrator has been brought to justice to date. Due to the government’s reluctance to follow the matter seriously, numerous civil society activists took to the streets to demand accountability and justice. Ali Shariati is one of these civil society activists. Due to his activities, whereby he overtly showed his opposition to these acid attacks and because of his calls for justice, Shariati was sentenced to five years of imprisonment.

In other words, rather than arresting the perpetrators of these horrific acid attacks, the justice system in Iran has so far set its sights on arresting those like Ali Shariati who participated in demonstrations calling for justice for victims. In a sign of protest against his unjust 5-year sentence, Shariati has gone on a hunger strike which has been taking its toll on his body; he is on the verge of death. His weight has plummeted to 50 kilos (110 pounds) while his mother has been worried about his life; she has been pleading with the authorities to release her son.

Interview credits: Manoto TV