An Open Letter To Indian Men

Indian men,

I can no more address all of you as dear. I agree that #NotAllMen have assaulted a woman physically, but the fact stands that they don’t need to physically harm me to actually oppress me. Every time you don’t consider me worthy enough to stand, work or play by your side, you assault me. Every time you think it’s okay to doubt and question my talents only because of the missing piece of flesh in between my legs, you stone pelt my existence. Every time you think it is okay to mock me after doing so, you mutilate much more than my genitals.

Every time you think it’s okay to not give me equal importance in the real world, you harass me. Every time you shatter and break the other world I created for myself, you molest me. Every time you justify your ghastly deeds by my shortcomings, the ones you share with me, you harass me. Every time you say you love and value me but would rather see me cheer for you as you conquer mountains than teach me how to climb by your side, you grope me.

Every time you protect me from the goons outside and expect me to silently cook and clean even though I work outside and contribute to our financial or mental or emotional well-being just as much, maybe less or more than you do whereas you sit making important decisions for us, and the world instead of including me with you, my upset mind is forced to commit Sati. Every time I am made to accept the rubbish you throw my way because of your ‘male ego’ and ‘fragile masculinity’, you kidnap my freedom.

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