Why I Took Up Engineering Instead Of A Subject I Like Even When No One Forced Me To

Posted by Himanshu Maurya in Education
January 29, 2017

After completing the third semester in an engineering college, I have now realized that this is not what I always wanted to do. Yes! I am confessing that I have no interest in engineering. I screwed it up myself, no parental pressure.

When I was in high school, I was interested in biology and literature. But I was always afraid for my future. A common misconception that by taking biology you have to be a doctor, led me to choose maths and computer science as my subject in 11th. The reason for choosing maths was that I considered it as a safe option for the future. At 16, because of the fear of not getting a decent job, I took a wrong decision. My father said to me, “Beta arts le lo, you can give civil services exam (Son, take arts),” but I refused.

After completing my 12th, I was unable to score good marks in IIT-JEE so I took a year off and went to Kota for preparation. Life in Kota is miserable, no one cares for you. Everyone is a part of a race to clear the most overrated exam – IIT-JEE. Deep inside, I knew that I had not interest in what I was studying but the fear of the future and the dream of working in an MNC somehow helped me secure a seat in a NIT.

The first year it was all good. Trouble really started when I reached the third semester when finally I began to deal with the Electronics syllabus. I am unable to understand what is going in class, what the professors are teaching. I started mugging up notes to clear exams. But I failed in one of the subjects. I was always good at academics in school. I had never thought that someday I will fail. My life became aimless. Now I’ve realized that every field has its scope and requires passion and interest in the work you do and the subjects you read. Most engineers who take a wrong decision like me, finally land in an IT sector job with minimum salary, no work passion, boring life.

I just wanted to share this with all school students – do what you like and take subjects in which you are interested. Every subject has its scope. Never fear for the future like I did to screw your career and dream. Best of luck.