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Why Eman Needs Our Help

Posted by BitGiving
January 31, 2017

Eman Ahmed is in desperate need of medical help. She weighs 500 kgs and is considered to be the world’s heaviest woman. Her condition is due to multiple health issues that she is suffering from. Her family has reached out to several doctors, but due to the complexities involved, few want to come forward. This was till the news reached Dr Muffazal Lakdawala, India’s leading bariatric surgeon. He has decided to take up the case, and Eman will be under his care.

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Severe lymphoedema, water retention, paralysis of her right arm and leg. She cannot speak and has Type II diabetes, hypertension and a restrictive lung disease. These are some of the ailments Eman is struggling with. She will need to undergo a series of tests, which will be conducted by a team of specialists. After the initial treatment is over, she will need a few more bariatric procedures over the next few years to achieve best results.

Her treatment will take place in India. However, her family is unable to afford the cost of her transportation, medication and accommodation.

Dr Muffazal has set up a fundraiser on BitGiving so that the expenses can be taken care of. The money will be put in a separate account created especially for the cause.

Eman has been confined to her bedroom for the last 25 years, deprived of a normal life. Let’s do our best to ensure that Eman leads a healthier life.