Changing Perspectives

Posted by Shivam Bajaj
January 6, 2017

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A security guard is a person who brings smile on our faces. Amit Kumar Pandey is a person who is from Siwan district, Bihar. He aimed to be a doctor in life but the crisis in the family made him helpless and had diverted him from his goal but he resiliently worked hard to earn a living. He is a security guard of the Shree Radha Apartment located in Dwarka Sector 9.

These are excerpts from his interview with Shivam Bajaj:
Shivam Bajaj (SB) What is the best thing you like while you are on duty?
Amit Kumar Pandey (AKP) -While I am on my duty I like to greet people who visit  the society and also like to socialize with people.
I like kids and often pass time playing with them. According to me, we should try and enjoy everything we are doing.
SB – You are educated till which standard and what made you leave the education in between?
AKP – I am educated till class 8th and as soon as I passed my 8th grade a natural calamity affected the area in which I live. This made me loose everything. I had lost everything including money, education and a roof. After the calamity I somehow moved to Delhi and struggled to find a job and got my first job with a Yamaha parts dealer.
SB – When you were a child what was your goal to be in life?
AKP  As a child I always wanted to become a chemist as my ancestral business was of a chemist and even my parents entered the business. It was the calamity, which made us loose everything we had. As far as I know that even if someone goes through really bad phases of life he or she should never give up and keep trying at least to earn a living and also live life to the fullest.
SB – Do You feel satisfied with your life? And will you like to study more if you were given a chance or you are happy with what you are at present?
AKP – I am happy with my life but I am not satisfied because according to me when a person says he is satisfied with his life, his mind not only gets limited to fewer options but also can never broaden up his thought process.
Even if a person gets a good job and is successful in earning a good amount of money he/she should keep trying more and more. Yes I will study if I would get a chance. I have eight brothers and sisters in the family and each one of them is earning but less so I want to study more so I can just not earn a good amount of money but also to be a very good human being and one should always be studying as it is very important.
SB – What according to you is the duty of a guard?
AKP – What I feel is that my duty being a security guard is to prevent the conflicts in the society, distribute the letters, prevent any wrong person entering the society, helping people in finding their lost objects etc. or helping the people in whichever way possible. I being a guard enjoy doing my duty and perform it sincerely.
SB – Tell me something that you have learned from life?
AKP – I have learned that we should never trust a wrong person in life and never be disrespectful to ladies and always accept what life gives you and be happy. Never cheat a person
and be happy and honest is my motto of life. What I feel is that every experience in life gives us a teaching.
 After conducting the interview with him, I understood his perspective of life and I salute him and hope that more and more people will develop the same positive perspective of life and bring a change in the society.

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