Create A Legacy For Your Facebook Account Before You Die

Posted by Raviraj Verma
January 10, 2017

This sounds creepy, but it is not actually. You are supposed to choose someone as a legacy contact for your Facebook account and they will be given control of your Facebook account in case you die (well, I wish you a long and healthy life).

This feature is available on all accounts and people hardly know about it. A few clicks can create a post-death legacy for all the data that is associated with your Facebook account. Remember that if you don’t choose a legacy contact then nothing will happen to your account after your death. Only your family members or closed acquaintances can ‘memorialise’ your account if they like. But I suggest you to utilise the feature, it could be fun.

You can go to Settings, then Security Settings to find the ‘Legacy Contact’ option on your computer or even on the Facebook mobile app. You can choose any of your friends as your legacy contact. So, in case you die that person would take care of your account. But look at these points before you do so.

  • That person will be allowed to respond to your friend requests and change your profile or cover photo.
  • That person will not be allowed to impersonate you. He/she can talk to your Facebook friends but not as you.
  • That person will be allowed to write a post on the top of your timeline.
  • You can choose whether you like to allow your legacy contact to download your Facebook data or not.
  • You can also choose not to add any legacy contact. In that case your account will be deleted after your death.


Image source: Carl Court/Getty Images