Digital Detox

Posted by Shivam Bajaj
January 4, 2017

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 Disconnect To Reconnect 

A period of time during which a person refrains from using gadgets in order to refrain himself from stress and focus on Social Interaction is known as Digital Detox.
So..what if we keep our gadgets away from us… at least for a while ..Don’t Worry you will not be having any “messages” from “Someone Important or special” 

Who Knows someone might get to meet someone really special after setting a new trend.

or probably get to interact with someone you might not know and wanted to meet him ??
By the way nowadays “Social Media is too big may be just much bigger than Justin Bieber or Ashton Kutcher’s Twitter following. Hell, it’s even bigger than obesity and possibly just as lethal!” 
Everyone spends a huge amount on food.So what if people start spending on a special “Accommodation for your Gadgets” well. people are paying a huge amount  in hotels for
“ Accommodation but only For Gadgets”.
Let me tell you an Interesting Story
John, an American student of a well-known state university, just work up on a holiday but yet a busy schedule for him not because he is some kind of studious kid but just because exams were going on and he has not even started the syllabus yet. He, Unlike every college student woke up with lot of responsibilities on him ,suddenly something gives him a reminder that he had to go to for a walk But as he walked out of his house he saw a kind of a poster or a banner everywhere saying that “ Digital Detox:Are you Ready ??” 
Just reading those posters in Town, John, first of all, Check his Phone in the pocket but it was not there then he Rushed to his parents and asked them for his gadgets but fortunately they replied
 “ Gadgets are safe but locked Up for a week” . John Still didn’t Understand the reason for why they are being locked up ?? they aren’t Kids ???

Listening to this his dad laughed at him and said “My Dear Son Leave Stress ,go Study & Interact “

John Also smiled laughed and started to study hard at least for finishing his syllabus. I hope now he could do that easily & those notifications won’t bother him now at least for a week.
So now what do you think about John ??? Isn”t he So Obedient ?? I think he is.
Nowadays there is an App For almost everything. but can u believe that there is also an App For Making “Digital Detox” a success …I mean now anyone can measure theirSwitched Off Duration of devices 
Isn’t It awesome to measure even a therapy with an app? Yes, it is. 
“If there is someway to leave all my gadgets in order to remove stress & Start Interacting with friends,  Will surely follow the same and get rid of those social Updates, ” said someone in a casual talk.
If People like him leave all those electronic notifications and gadgets then the chances for stress will be really low and people will continue to meet people like them and interact socially.

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