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Do We Really Need A Bullet Train By Investing Billions When Our Present Railway System Has Numerous Faults And Is Unable To Provide Basic Necessities.and One Of Victims Of This Is My Friend Anurag Is What Happened With Him Described Why Can’t I And My Family Celebrate New Year ?

Posted by Ajit Singh
January 4, 2017

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why can’t I and my family celebrate new year ?
My name is anurag mishra. I am B.Tech. student at National Institute of Technology, Manipur.Something terrible happened with me which I never foresaw.
My semester break was about to over so I had to return back to college.That is why I had already made reservation in North-East Express on 25 dec.But it has been cancelled for almost a month.As I had a flight to catch to Imphal from guwahati.
I took Bramputra mail for my journey to guwahati.Unfortunately, it is delayed by around 24 hour (P.S.- margin between my flight and departure time of train is 19 hours).I could not catch my flight in the aftermath of this delay. I tried to reach Imphal by road.Due to economic blockage, I couldn’t reach to my college either.I am having scant currency and don’t know anyone at guwahati so I had to come back to my house again.
At returning, I took general ticket and boarded on sleeper coach.I myself gave penalty. But during this journey, my laptop was stolen about which I have tweeted to railway on .I searched it everywhere but I couldn’t find it.
This was my story.Everything would be great.I would be at my college. if train were not delayed by this much (almost a day).
I am facing so much loss of money due to stealing of laptop and flight miss.My father is mediocre auto driver.He is barely afford my college expenses with his meagre income.
So I have only one question to railway that how they could expect to run bullet train while their passengers are facing loss of money and time due to train delay.
I am a young student who is in the process of morphing into an engineer who can be a part of nation development. Is there any credibility of railway in such matters? Is there any way railway help me or give some compensation that would allow me to continue my daily routines which came to grinding halt after this incident.

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