The Everyday Struggle Of Being A Muslim In India

Islam is one of the most misunderstood religions in the world. People stereotype everything we do without knowing the actual reasons behind it. Here are the daily struggles of being Muslims in India.

1. What’s for lunch today?

“Aloo ke paratha and Paneer.”

“What, you didn’t get mutton or chicken?”

Non-vegetarian food is not the staple food of the Muslim Community.

2. Ye wine hai, alcohol is Haram bro, you can’t drink it!

Anything which brings the human to lose control over their senses is Haram including anger as well.

3. Acha Ganja to pee he sakta hai (I’m sure you can have marijuana at least). Take a puff.

WTH! The same theory applies here as well.

4. Can’t you even drink water while fasting? At least let’s go out for a sutta (cigarette) break.

Fasting is done to have strong self-control over an individual. It is kept only for God and just not food and water is forbidden but also one has to abstain themselves from sexual activities as well.

5. Do you pray to the walls dude? Are walls your God?

Muslims pray facing to the direction of Kaaba in Makkah. They don’t pray to walls.

6. Talaq, talaq, talaq, or qubool hai, qubool hai, qubool hai. It is so simple with you guys.

No, there are rules to it described in Islamic laws. Merely saying Qubool hai and Talaq does not get one married or divorced.

7. Why mosque man, pray here?

Because it is advised that it is better to pray in groups rather than praying alone.

8. Happy Muharram bro, what’s on the menu today?

Muharram is not a day to celebrate. Muharram is a day mourned by the Muslim community because Hussein Ibn Ali, the Grandson of Prophet was martyred in that month. Muharram is marked as the first month of Arabic calendar.

9. Happy Bakri Eid

Err.. it’s Bakhreid or Eid al-Adha

Oh, I thought because you people cut Bakri, it’s Bakri Eid.

It is one of the Sunnah of Prophet Abraham to sacrifice an animal and there is a deeper story behind it.

10. Why are you wearing that Hijab, is your family forcing you?

Hijab is a choice and worn by Muslim women as a symbol of modesty and privacy. It’s not forced!

11. You are so lucky man, you can marry three girls, so much of legal sex!

Earlier times people got married thrice because of wars and increasing number of widows. There were widows left alone without their husband, so the soldiers married them to honour them as wives. All of them were treated equally. They did not marry them for sex.

12. Why are you wearing green? Are you from Pakistan?

Yeah, Pakistan holds the copyright for the colour green.

13. Why do you write from right in Urdu and Arabic? Sab ulta kyu hai in your religion?

It was scripted like that like any other language. Is it mandatory to write from left to right?

14. Mehar, What again? You pay girls to get married?

Mehar is a mandatory payment given to the bride in Islam. It can be in the form of money, goods, furniture, books or anything agreed between the groom and the bride.

15. Why is Shahid Afridi is your favourite cricketer, aren’t you proud of your own cricketers?

Why is Game Of Thrones your favourite series? Are you ashamed of the serial Sasural Simar Ka?

Featured image source: Arun Sharma/Hindustan Times via Getty Images
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