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Happy??? New Year

Posted by Shashi Prabha
January 1, 2017

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A brand new year 2017 is here to begin and people like every year they do,starts wishing it to their family,relatives,friends and who not to almost making a record of how many people we wished by adding the most beautiful word ‘HAPPY’ but hey… just after both the hands of my clock met saying its 12:00, all I heard outside was the sound of people and crackers.CRACKERS..!!!! And then suddenly I felt like do we really wish this new year to be happy for us and others..? Do We..? by making so much of sound not realizing that some ill or old person nearby may be getting hurt a lot by this? By adding so much of to our already polluted air, which we are going to face the next day in that deadly fogg ?( Not to mention the other deadly effects of this ‘joy for a second’ moment ) and yeah the money we are wasting for nothing good ,which we can share it with someone needy? Is it the kind of happy new year we hope for ?? Won’t it be more enjoyable to have good talks,having sweets,having fun with ppl in an ‘appropriate to ears’ music,hoping for a healthy and successful life to all around us in a healthy environment? When will we stop fooling ourselves to be happy in such a culture full of nonsense​..!! And if this year also, we are not going to realize then what’s new and happy in it? Kaahe ka Happy New Year !


P.S.- I’m not against anybody enjoying but lets welcome this year with real intentions and not just for a casuality.

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