Has Media Become A Puppet Of The Government?

Posted by Muskaan Soni in Media, Politics
January 2, 2017

Media is considered as the fourth pillar of our Constitution but today it has become forlorn of the government. Whenever it wants to question the policies of government officials, they shut them up by considering them anti-nationalist.

Recently, when Haryana’s CM Manohar Lal Khattar was asked about demonetisation’s effects on people by journalist Mahendra Singh, he didn’t answer him properly and refused to say anything further. Later, that journalist was asked to resign by Zee News channel. His fault was that he questioned the minister.

Another one was when NDTV news channel was almost banned for a day just because it reported some of the areas of army base camp. It clearly states that ministers want they should not be questioned about their actions. The binary debates happen in these latest issues of the nation makes you nationalist or anti-nationalist, if you are pro-government or anti-government respectively. “Humne suna hai, ki jinko chuna hai, unhone kaha hai, ki puchna mana hai,” was posted by the NDTV channel later on about the channel-ban.

So, in a nutshell, the media is forced to be a puppet of the government. They are not allowed to go against the government, they can’t question them. Whatever policies government make should follow that blindly. But in this way, there won’t be any medium for the public to know the truth of the government and its policies.