Hey Listen, Dear You!

Posted by Aniruddha Pathak
January 1, 2017

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Dear you,

Let me write this today. No, not some mere words or feelings; but, I want to pen you down. Not everyone gets this privilege, and I am not missing such rare opportunity. So, with all my might and understandings, let’s delve into the realms of your mind—inside your life.

Today, I will reveal your secrets to the world. Yes, those secrets, which you hide under your veil: wearing the captivating façade leaving your persona undisturbed. I know; I know, it’s hard for you to cope up with everything—irrespective of your age—but you know, it’s alright. There a supreme power watching you struggle. That power doesn’t laugh at you; no, it doesn’t. Rather, it sees you building up for your own betterment. It wants to see you independent.

You love loneliness a lot, I know. Still, your efforts fail and you end up finding support in the darkness. You feel that your life should be benefited with someone’s presence. There must be a way to vent out everything, no? But then, dear, you hold yourself back. The reason is acceptable too. Somewhere, at some point of time, someone had promised you its shower in your life; but like an autumn, its leaves shed and you were left without a shoulder to rest upon, again. However, that person left you aghast.

But let me tell you, after every autumn, arrives the spring. The fall rises up with new hopes, new sunshine and marks a new beginning of the blooms. It’s fine to have new friends. It’s alright to have new people in your life.  Every strength needs togetherness, every moment needs a soul to share it and every word needs a listener. Be just the way you are, but, don’t cry on your lost efforts anymore. The power is watching you weep, after all. And it isn’t happy about it at all. It wants you to stand up on your feet and peak to the heights where you never have been ever.

You told me that memories trouble you. Even if you haven’t expressed it sometimes, I could still see it in your expressions. You try to run away from your own being, you hide in the solace—crying and smiling at the same time. You feel devastated, you feel alone. Nevertheless, that is not the solution every time. You must learn to face the things. They are your experiences. Those memories are going to help you overcome the despairs and hind you from encountering any avalanche of the future. I know it hurts. I know you break down suddenly when no one is watching you. But, it’s going to be perfectly fine. You are bound to come out of it, and you will. Just have the faith, and learn to live life. It helps, I assure.

Although I know that you dislike meeting a failure, you fail. I understand that you try your hardest, and just when you are reaching the epitome, some bricks of the castle fall. You yell—frustrated and annoyed. Your hands throw away the pages of your efforts, wiping each drop of your sweat. You are left helpless. You drown into the walls of sadness.

Though, there’s a catch. If you notice well, you will get to know that only ‘some bricks’ fall, not all. The base of the castle still lies there, unshaken. That’s where you grasp that your efforts have succeeded—even if those are on a premature level. Empire cannot be built in minimal efforts, it needs time. It needs dedication; it needs the immense amount of hard work; and of course, it needs at least one sight of failure. Cause mistakes teach you something that the people don’t. Bring out the inner strength, for you know, you are the passion that drives yourself.

I still feel that I could let out more secrets that you hide. Nonetheless, it’s lying under the façade that you wear to reside. I don’t ask you to open up everything that you feel, but that’s doesn’t mean that you should turn into a heel. The life is yours, by the grace of everyone that surrounds you. And your choice amends the situations that you put forth. Don’t shadow yourself in front of the opinionated world. Opinions differ—at times they matter too—but the happiness that you get after you employ the changes in yourself, that’s what defines you. That’s the beauty of the soul; that’s the need of the hour. And did I tell you that you inspire me? Well, you do. You inspire me to be a better person. For me, you are the eternal source of the endless power. Yes, you are.

Let the world be your friend, let the world be your stranger, let the environment nurture your emotions, and let the experiences create stories for you. Though the thing I say still remains the same: don’t be what the world wants you to be. Don’t imitate. Be the identity that you wish for. Being weird or being a nerd isn’t a flaw. It’s a boon: cause you are different from the troop. Save the bad days for later investments, let the sorrows fade for a moment; and for now, be the change—be nothing but YOU.

Love and Regards,
Aniruddha Pathak




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