How A Visit To Orphanage Changed My View Of Life

Posted by Shilpi Bhatt in Society
January 5, 2017

I am a working woman since 6 years and was always concerned about getting a better opportunity with better compensation. When I was studying and hunting for a job in the competitive market, I had plans to join an NGO, to teach in schools and often visit orphanages to donate money, clothes and food items but those dream flushed as I proceeded with my occupied work life.

I often thought of following my plans but they never reached implementation. One day, I called one of my good friends, Vikrant Dabas to wish him on his birthday and our discussion went for a considerable length of time. The conversation was an eye-opener for me when he told me that he had started an NGO with 20 kids to provide them food and education and all the cost is borne by Vikrant himself. I was totally inspired to hear about his NGO and decided to visit.

As I live really far from my friend’s NGO, I decided to visit one NGO in Bangalore on December 25 and it really changed my perspective of life. I saw children of all ages from 6months to 30 years playing together, laughing, enjoying every moment of life. They were friendly and greeted us with welcoming and pleasant smiles, not to forget their self-confidence and warm smile. I conversed with a couple of them and discovered a large portion of them have guardians but refuse to look after them. So they live in the NGO. A few have fathers who are alcoholics and sent the children to the NGO.

I asked myself a question. I purchase exorbitant garments however, wear them just once, I purchase costly food yet chose not to eat full and toss it in a dustbin, I purchase embellishments that are redundant, and I purchase things that are not imperative. How about people not able to purchase a single meal in the day?

One of my new year’s resolution is to donate whenever is possible for me or at least once in a year for sure. The other resolution is to take all you can eat, but eat all you take and of course buy what is necessary and important.

The visit to the NGO and my friend truly changed my propensity for squandering things and thus, now I am an alternate individual and a person with rational decision making on not to waste food, clothes and so forth and donate to the needy ones.