Anurag Kashyap’s Story: How An Outsider Shook An Industry Powered By Big Movie Stars

We, as a country, are so irrevocably adamant, where notions of belongingness and cultural well-being are considered, that anything that even minutely tries to disrupt or question our stagnated thought process – we begin to demean that entity.

Nonetheless, path-breakers have it in them, to deal with the bitterness and take it in their stride to accomplish what they aspire to achieve in the domain of creative satisfaction.

How, you may ask. Anurag Kashyap spanned the shooting of Gulaal in the course of 6 years, because he could only shoot during Diwali, when the entire nation was lit up. He went ahead and did that because he was of the belief that, nobody owed it to him, and if he wanted to make a film like that, he is the only person who could do it.

Despite the fact that his films were being lauded by the world, they weren’t selling, or even releasing in India. However, his love for film making never wavered. He didn’t play the blame game, he didn’t become a part of the, what he calls the ‘intellectual terrorists’ community.

Kashyap makes rebellion sound worthwhile in his Josh Talk , because he decided to rebel against the idea of following the path of monotony.

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