How The Struggle To ‘Fit In’ Kills Our Imagination

Posted by Seersha Nambiar in Health and Life
January 24, 2017

All this inexplicably wondrous world and the realms beyond and within that we see, we have observed as children but somewhere along the path of growing up we have forgotten to enrich our minds with.

The images that a child makes from a cloud floating up in the skies, his vivid thoughts, his imagination, his interpretation of the world in an entirely different dimension, from a completely different perspective.

With schooling, the frameworks of normalcy are built, and to be a good student, he encages his dreams and chains them up, slowly allowing them to die away because to be accepted, he needs to be conventional, be what the people around him want him to. He lives the way they do, thinks the way they do. Mass murder of ideas and thoughts take place at this level.

The next stage, the confusion and distractions that come with teenage, the addiction to pornography, to sex, the attraction to trivial physical enjoyment, and then the cliché myths of true love and happiness. For certain individuals these traits of mere animal like pleasure prompt them to live like a hog, to take birth, eat, defecate, reproduce and die, without contributing to any purpose or for anybody’s well-being.

The energy and excitement of youth alight with being first in the rat race, making money, gaining a pompous place in the society rather than the urge to find a purpose, to enrich talents and live life he had always dreamed of. He strives to be the first to settle down, to climb up the ladder of success in leaps and bounds. The power of youth wastes away in foams of luxury and desires. In the rush to get married, build a family, to create home.

The drugs of disappointment trickle down as years pass and when the age of wisdom arises; he is mature in the sense of having experienced the material world. In spite of all the comforts and all the achievements, he finds emptiness within. A void that family, relationships, love, respect and laurels cannot fill. He never asked himself what he actually wanted to do; he had never found the time to listen to his inner voice.

Regrets, the burden of responsibilities, the unavailability of time mark the last few years of his life. He dissolves himself in his sorrows and the fire within him withers away as he settles for less than what he deserved from life. Counting years, months, and days, he watches the clock ticking away with a mind of frozen emotions and wailing fears of the nearing end.

Millions of people, live; I stand corrected, survive like this and end in coffins, with regrets, confusion, and for an optimist, with the satisfaction of having lived like a civilized beast. A brilliant mind and a mind of dazzling potential lie to waste in graveyards all over the planet because he isn’t one but a representative of many in this world.