I Am Just One Another Girl

Posted by Girl newborn
January 30, 2017

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I have been reading many articles/memes in the recent past ,potraying those who post their day to day pictures in the social media are all those like aliens born with silver spoon. I’m one of the different people who strongly dont oppose it but just ignore it in my own way.

To be honest here, I’m not one of those born with a golden or a silver spoon. I’m not fair or sleek.I’m literally a small town girl with moderate lifestyle.I dont own any expensive article on my own. Still living as a Dad’s lil girl but trying my best to start up my own life. Do you see any kind of mistakes in this?

Now the next step ahead. I’m obviously one of these above mentioned who posts pictures often ,no matter what things I post. Most of the times, I post my own pictures in different places, sometimes with my friends and even just the picture of a new place I visit.I love to meet new people. I love to go travel alone or with my close knits. I love to show the world ,those people who stand with me through all my ups and downs.  But still, What I wish to convey here.

There are lot and lot of beautiful things around ,which often missed by many people. Those are not those expensive jewellery or cozy restaurants. Just try to think out of the box here. Why are you noticing those money made things in a picture?  See the happiness they share. Dream and get inspired to visit those places on your own,someday in your life. Get an idea what its like. Appreciate her attitude when she post her own picture with pride.Beauty always lies at heart.People are born with diversities. Not every one need to be a fair , slim and sleek, born with a silver spoon. Why do always think that people post pictures just to distract you or make you jealous ?  Are her pictures hurting you ? Why are u worrying ? Just show to the world your happiness, in your own way. Spread your smile. Are you posting your pictures for infinite likes ?? C’mon..What are you ? Are u a celebrity ? Yes ,may be. Be a celebrity of your own. Come out of your space. I post pictures. Because when I go to a different place which is like a many people’s dream still, I’ll obviously post pictures. I doesn’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings here. But at the same time , I have heard many people saying that they enjoy seeing those places or things through my eyes. There are people who get those smiles or even get inspired when you spread those positive things around.

A picture speaks thousand words . If you see only the negative stuffs hidden , only you have to help yourself. If you still have something other than your own in your profile display , Obviously man., U r not confident enough yet to come out to this world. Be cheerful. If something affects you from anyone’s doing , Why do you even bother ? There is no dislike or hate option still available in Facebook 😉 .I’m quart century old. You have no idea what I have gone through till now.But I bet you , I’m far happier. I don’t own any cars or crores.But I’m happier. One day I bet I would be the most happiest with the total eternal satisfaction in my own way.Try to have one motive despite whoever you are. Just Smile and spread your smile. Dont ever give up that you are too fragile enough to get broken seeing someone’s post…

I have never written an article in my life before. So it might not be good enough.Just wanna share some postive vibes who are in need. Cheersssss 🙂 🙂 🙂


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