In What Circumstances Should Abortion Be Permitted?

Posted by Hansikha Vohra in Health and Life
January 28, 2017

This act led to angry protests by women fighting for the right to choose what to do with their own bodies. This act, as gruesome to some, was lauded by the orthodox catholics who believe in ethical values and God’s gift of life to the parents. There are two sides to this coin of debate, one being Trump’s long term plan of preventing teenage pregnancies as well as a downfall in the number of sexually transmitted diseases. This will also reduce the expenditure of taxes being on others’ personal health issues, and the other firing movements which call for the liberty of pregnant women. Although Trump as made a few exceptions as in the case of incest and/or rape; feminists feel otherwise.

In other parts of the world, such as Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic, terminations in both jurisdictions are only permissible on the grounds of a threat to the life of the mother.

Poland, again, permitting abortions on the grounds of dire situations such as incest, in cases of foetal impairment or to avert a danger to the health or life of the pregnant woman. Making Poland, the only European country, to have the lowest abortion rate at just 2 in 1,000 live births.

In my opinion, countries should permit abortion up till 20 weeks of gestation, without asking for any reason, and definitely in cases where the mother’s and/or the foetus’s health is in danger. The physician in charge should take into account all the concerns of the patient as well as his/her mental welfare. To promote a healthy lifestyle to her future child, both the mother’s wellbeing as well as her stability are required. If in any case, something seems to be odd and the physician feels that the woman is unfit to be a mother, then adoption after birth and/or abortion within 20 weeks of gestation can be suggested, and not imposed.

And as I always say, the state should play a minimal role in controlling such personal decisions of people. It is a very delicate matter, however, if the state feels like there is absolute harm to the mother or child concerned, they should definitely feel the need for taking action.

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