India’s Got Its Own Grandmaster In Mnemonics

Posted by Shivam Aggarwal in Society
January 19, 2017

Perhaps the core insight to be taken from our study of memory is this: anything that grabs our attention in the outside world will also do so in our inner world of memory.

Memory, just like our eyes and ears, adores anything vivid or unusual: whether it is movement, beauty, ugliness, violence, colour, suddenness, nakedness or humour. Such ingredients evoke emotion and energise us.

Prateek Yadav

The opposite is, of course, equally true: boring, grey, unexceptional events slip from our memories as adeptly as they escape the attention of our eyes and ears. This is indeed an important design feature of our memory (and vision): neither would be able to do their job properly without sorting the wheat from the chaff, otherwise, we’d be overwhelmed by a flood of irrelevant detail. But someone is here who has it all.

This small towner boy breaks the glass. Prateek Yadav who is an Electronics and Electrical Engineering graduate had a vision and an utter perseverance to fulfil his dreams. He was born on April 12, 1993, in a middle-class Indian family.

Prateek is a 4 time straight National Champion in the field of mnemonics. He also won a bronze in Singapore open and a title of Grandmaster while representing India at world level and many other parallels medals and awards. He became the Grandmaster at the age of 22.

Below is a snapshot of Memory records made by Prateek Yadav, as seen on Memory Sports:

Prateek is targeting to represent India at other Internation events. Meanwhile, He is also conducting free mnemonics lectures and workshop to spread awareness towards this sport.

I wish this young Grandmaster a huge success and luck. Best of Luck!

Note: Above images are taken from with due respect.