Posted by Ranju Ramachandran
January 19, 2017

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I can still remember that ‘awe’ feeling when Mukesh Ambani came out of the blue and announced free 4g internet to all Indians for three months as a welcome gift in addition to the aggressively priced other benefits including data, free calls and SMS disrupting an entire industry. You know what, I was waiting….. for the catch!
Are ye bhi ek ‘businessman’ he na.

But there was none. Anyway, I was sceptical at the beginning. But it hardly made any difference, already thrusting past 50 million users in 3 months reliance Jio is scripting history. Well, by now you must be thinking if I am running some sort of campaign over here.

No, I have a different story to tell. So I had my own subscription by the end of November. Having used Internet at 2G speeds most of the my life, I didn’t have the faintest clue of how to handle this onslaught of high speed data, with practically unlimited usage. This was like a dream come true. So like other youngsters out there, I went straight for movies, YouTube, WhatsApp etc. on the first day. But I had a guilt feeling at my heart all this time and didn’t know why, at the beginning, so ignored it. But On the third day, it struck me, to use this data effectively. You won’t believe it, I looked up online about how to be online effectively. And guess whIt i found?

So, this is a ted talk from Daphne Koller one of the co-founder of Courseera: An online learning platform. Go ahead and watch this talk, you won’t regret it. To those of you hearing about courseera for the first time, it provides quality online courses from the world’s best universities for free. So there I began, and there was no turning back then. I am currently pursuing ‘Financial accounting and statistics’ and ‘Marketing Analytics’ from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Yeah, you heard that right, from the world’s best university for Master’s in business. ‘Quality education’ I feel is everybody’s right, If you feel the same, then go ahead and be unstoppable. Trust me, there is something for everybody over there.


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