Is Child Sexual Abuse A Reality In India?

Posted by Sangeeta Mathur
January 25, 2017

We live in a country where blaming the victim for the crime is a norm.  In such a situation it is very difficult to come out as a survivor. Child sexual abuse is an issue which is not paid much attention to.

Until 2012, India had no law against child sexual abuse. In India, 53% of children are victims of sexual abuse.  Globally speaking , India ranks second highest in terms of child sexual abuse.

It is very important to break the silence around this issue. The issue gained visibility when media hype was created around it. Kalki Koechlin first spoke to the people about how she was sexually abused as a child .

Victims have always feared coming out in the open because we associate humiliation and embarrassment with such acts. It is hence important to break the silence and talk about it freely.

It is not just physical trauma that the individual goes through but also, mental. Children are often unable to voice their feelings.   Organisations like RAHI work with the victims and help them come out of trauma. The victims keep suffering in silence and undergo strong feelings of fear, depression helplessness and anger.

If children, who are survivors of abuse, are not given the right guidance to get over that phase of their life, they may turn out to be individuals who would not be able to realize their full potential in so many ways.