My Harrowing Account Of Being Bullied In School

Posted by Vedanshi Bhatia in Society, Staff Picks, Video
January 6, 2017

There are many kinds of people. But today, I’m going to talk about a special kind of people. The most horrible people in this world. I don’t know what sadistic pleasure they get out of this. They have big mouths and thin brains. They don’t understand that there is a thin line between being funny and hurting and leaving emotional scars on people. It might be funny for you but not for the person being bullied. I can say this out of personal experience.

Readers, I plead you to not to sympathise with this post. I want you to keep your eyes wide open and make sure that you don’t let anybody bully you and you don’t do it either.

Flashback To My School Days

All I wanted was a smile or a two, a friend or a two. Little did I know that God was in such a happy mood that he gave me many bullies, not friends. My hands shake when I try to write about episodes from school. I’m a natural with a camera. I decided to be strong, not to shed a tear as these good for nothing bullies don’t deserve it. I have made this video in which I talk about some episodes from my school days. This is the link to my YouTube video.

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