I Know When To Think And When To Stop!

Posted by Aanchal Garg in My Story
January 19, 2017

My friends say I am not normal. I have a disease called over-thinking. True that! Give me anything, the horses of my mind would start running with it at full speed. Heading where? I don’t know.

When I was a kid, my friend’s brother had the problem of over-eating. He used to be hungry all the time. One day, his mother was talking about some stomach worms which needed to be removed from his stomach through medication to cure his ‘always-hungry’ disease.

I think I have a similar problem in my brain. There are worms in it which eat up all my thoughts. That’s why I think all the time to feed my brain with new fresh thoughts every second.

Jokes aside, I know over-thinking is a serious disease. It takes your present moments away from you. When you think, you are living in either the past or the future. Don’t be this unfair with the present. Don’t let your present go unnoticed!

It took me years to realize that I am a victim of over-thinking. Once I accepted this, it took me a few more months to understand what exactly goes on in my mind when I am in a state of over-thinking.

And I turned my disease from over-thinking to conscious over-thinking. By this, I mean I am aware of the fact that ‘oh! I am thinking about something for too long or at the wrong time’. You can take the precautions once you know about the disease.

Self-realization and self-analysis cure the disease by 50%.

The moment I realize I am giving more importance to a thought than it deserves, I stop myself right there. In this process of knowing and controlling my thinking process, I have started living in the present and worrying less.

I have felt the beauty of a calm mind. It feels serene. It helps you to think fresh and only when you are required to put your energy into something. And, it is good not to worry about things, sometimes.

Neither can you control everything nor do you need to. It is ok to be average. It is ok to commit mistakes. It is ok not to have any plans. Let the universe do things for you!


Silence sounds pleasant, not words

Great things are done by the cowardly.


Craziness is appreciated, not smartness

the kindest one is treated very heartlessly.


Dreams look more real, not the sights

Love becomes the cause of so many fights.


Best actions taken are quick and agile

Happiness lies in tears, not in smiles.


It’s good to give not to take

Not to work yourself, just copy and paste.


It’s fine not to know,

To have a fight and get a blow.

It’s nice to share and divide in half

To fall down and to crazily laugh.

It’s fine sometimes to get confused

Just act like a clown and get amused.

It’s so comfortable to cry

But never give up, just try and try.

It’s acceptable to commit mistakes

As there is no journey without breaks.

It’s a learning to face the bad

But keep a smile, Life is too short to be sad.

It’s not needed to always reject

Even with flaws try to accept

As no one here is ever perfect.

Don’t think much and,

 Let the moments pass away

We are here like the molds of clay.

Let the time run with its pace

Have more fun and,

Whatever life brings be ready to face.

Let us live in today and,

Leave the rest

You never know what life may bring next.

Let life unfold its reel

Because  sometimes,

It’s good not to think and,

To let life reveal 🙂