How ‘La La Land’ Shows Love In A Light We Have Rarely Seen Before

Posted by Aishwarya Iyer in Culture-Vulture, Media
January 27, 2017


Yes, this is yet another article about the film which is on a spree at the Golden Globes this year. Let me warn you that it is going to be highly biased and perhaps will also let out a spoiler. The ‘city of stars’ that it created in my head is going to last for a long, long time.

For me, the movie was so much more than just an example of fine cinema. It is about two lovers and their journey to achieve what they want out of life. But more than this, the film changed the definition of a ‘happy ending’ for most people. I had grown up thinking that a happy ending is where you marry the one you love, have a family and grow old together. This film taught me that every person can have their own happy ending. Life isn’t made out of one thing ever. It comprises of people, things, music, art and journeys. Today, we have evolved into beings who can mentally be with another person even when they are far away from us. Love isn’t supposed to pull you down. True love should make you rise.

The film doesn’t romanticise the journey of struggling artists. It shows us the rejection, frustration and heartbreak that one has to go through to achieve what one truly wants out of life. But the poignancy with which it captures these emotions helped me develop a heartfelt connection with it. It is difficult to follow what you want out of life because there is a high probability that you might not get it. The film celebrates this journey of trials and tribulations.

I read somewhere that in this world there are two types of love. One is from the heart and mind where you live, laugh, love and breathe with the other person. You make a life together, and if you’re fortunate enough, you die with each other. The other and the one I’d personally like to believe in, is the one where destiny brings you together and changes your life. You might not live with that person forever or speak everyday, but that person changes your life forever. There is no concept of falling in and out of love with that person because it was always meant to be.

I thank the director and writers of “La La Land” for finally showing that people and love are never unidimensional. People have desires and facets to them. They have a purpose. This is why love should never come in the way, because true love, is actually meant to last forever.


Image source: La La Land/Facebook Page
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