Late Night Thoughts_ Prolonged Silence

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January 6, 2017

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Molestation and Rape memoir

Age 6

Near Priya tailors in Allahabad, some random guy started planting kisses on my faces, only to find my mother he left the place in no time.

Age 13

Near my home, a fellow bicyclist groped my breast and me being in shock couldn’t respond. He fled the scene. I kept standing still for a while. I was wearing a full-sleeve turtle neck and white pajama.

Age 21

Delhi, near Rajendra Nagar, 7:30 pm.
A guy on a motorcycle, with face covered in helmet and number plate covered with mud stains, pulled me close, molested and dropped me there and left. I couldn’t come out of my PG for 17 days. I was wearing a white-pink, salwar kameez.

Age 26

Married and raped by husband.

He wanted to cum three times in a day! Kept looking at the fan, till he finished his business and I went to wash myself off in the bathroom.

(not mentioning the long list of other incidents where I managed to escape)

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