Letter By A Scared Heart..

Posted by Natasha Khurana
January 6, 2017

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Dear Lord,

How would I be able to live in this world of devils safely as a normal girl where your angels are being assaulted brutally beyond any boundaries by the hands of evils who call themselves “Men” made by you? Justice is just a dream here which flies off into the hands of Lucifer of Men.

Why are you still in heaven? From there you can’t see the molestation your women faced when they decided to fill their and other’s lives with happiness, joy and celebrations in the new year eve. They say that the fault was of the short skirts. Did you really make men so weak so as to loose their control over themselves just by seeing the graceful canvas you gifted to women or did you make them adore it?

If this is so, was that 80-year-old grandmother wearing a short dress or showing her cleavage to the guy who inserted an entire bottle of toilet cleaner into her? What was her fault? A woman who devoted all her life bringing up future generations with morals and values, got caught up in the heights of immorality and brutality.

So, tell me dear Father, how is it possible for a fragile heart like me to sustain in this earth? I am a normal girl who wears short skirts, who goes to clubs, who loves to live freely, happily, spreading smiles all over the world and who believes in humans. Why would they spare me? Why would they spare any of your daughters?

Please help me, I am scared.

Your Girl

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