Love conquers all?

Posted by Amruta Hastekar
January 28, 2017

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There’s single, there’s taken and then there is “been-in-long-distance-too-long-to-know-the-difference”.

People in long distance relationships are awesome! I’ll tell you why. They will relate to every meme on the internet related to single people’s life even when they are not! They will hate those lovey-dovey couples with more intensity than any single person alive. If you ever want to check out a death stare all you need to do is some PDA in front of those people. Seriously, they are awesome! What isn’t awesome is the relationship. Yeah..Today I am gonna be little bit outrageous about long distance relationships.

Those initial, powerful days of being away from each other; the crying over the phone calls, the long chats at night and the “I-miss-you”s. Sigh..It’s a cute little thing if you think about it.

And then you grow up. You move out of this phase and accept the distance, accept that you may not see each other all the time but that doesn’t mean the love between the two of you is affected. Your love is stronger than any distance. Again, cute right? BULLSHIT!

You wanna know the not cute part of long distance? Brace yourselves because I am gonna be very very honest in this post. Judge me all you want but it is the truth. Long distance sucks!! It really sucks. And not because we are left moping in a corner, wearing pyjamas and waiting for the love of our life to come rescue us from this stupid, idiotic, irritating phase. It sucks for a million other reasons.

Let’s say you have had a bad day.You are walking down the lane.You decide to call your partner up because you need cheering up. A couple of rings later your partner (Lets call your partner “B”from now on. Yes, B for babe. *rolls eyes*)picks up the phone and says “Hey I am busy. Can I call you back later?” And since you love B so much you say “Sure! No problem!” . Or worse still. B doesn’t pick up the phone. How do you think you are gonna feel? I’ll tell you. You are no saint! You are gonna feel bad.

You two may wanna talk to each other over the phone or skype just to see each other. But it will rarely happen. Why? Because timings! Because schedules! Because pre-planned meetings that you never knew about because it slipped B’s mind to tell you about it as you were not there when it was planned. So you two look at your planners and discuss it out and fix a timing for your call. Honestly, talking to your doodh-wala is easier than this.

There will be times when you feel like giving it all up. Because you will need a support pillar standing firmly by your side and not over the phone; you will need someone to actually hold your hand while crossing a busy road and not just a text asking you to “be safe”; after a long and tiring day you will need a hug from B to make things right and not a smiley on whatsapp and you will definitely need someone to actually live it up with you and not have a phone call starting with “Hey..guess what happened today”. So yes; there will be times when you think you have had enough of it and that you don’t have the patience nor the energy for this distance.

And you know why long distance relationship sucks especially when it is with the love of your life? (By the way if you have just wondered how would you know if B is the love of your life then B is not the love of your life.) It sucks more because after you go through all those negative emotions I just told you about you think about how much you two love each other and that it might be easy to just breakup, but it will be the harder than ever to move on, to love, to live again.

That’s the thing with long distance relationship with the love of your life. You can’t live it. You can’t leave it.

P.S. – It does suck.

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