This ‘Manitary Pad’ Parody Ad Slams Men’s False Sense Of Entitlement

Sick of mansplaining and casual sexism? We created a video to counter just that! Presenting “Manitary Pads”! The video talks about how men deal with women’s’ problems with a false sense of entitlement. Watch!

Ladies! Tired of men telling you how to deal with YOUR OWN problems? Well, here's more men telling you how to deal with your problems, because yay false sense of entitlement! Presenting- Manitary Pads!youtube: by: Sarthak Singhal, Pranavesh SubramanianDirected by: Pranavesh SubramanianCinematography: Ravi GuptaSoundtrack: Manitary Pads Theme by Samuel A Wollard Cast (in order of appearance): Pranavesh Subramanian, Aditya Vimal, Sarthak SInghal, Sameera Singh, Malyaj Asthana

โพสต์โดย Pranavesh Subramanian บน 14 มกราคม 2017

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