Maybe A Dose Of Anti-Testosterone?

Posted by Mannat Cheema in Gender-Based Violence
January 5, 2017

This piece is a personal opinion on physical abuse and society norms surrounding it. I mean no offence to men or any individual, unless you have been involved in a case of physical abuse. It has been noted that not all men are the same, keeping in mind the latest hashtag #NotAllMen, but unfortunately for the purpose of writing, I have to generalise.

There’s another angle at which society norms for women to conduct themselves can be looked at, this time, for men. Let men be told that they shouldn’t step out after sunset. After all, all men with jobs and a respectable family should stay home and not be dancing and boozing. Right? What business do they have roaming around at night? Isn’t that something people with no “good upbringing” or “self-respect” do? Or at least that’s what a girls is told when she goes out to the same place for the same purpose.

Parents should accompany their sons so that if he wants to go anywhere, he doesn’t “misbehave” and “tarnish the name of the family”. After all, that’s what is expected of a girl if she wants to go out.
Maybe men should wear blindfolds when they go out at night so that they don’t get “tempted” or “provoked”Isn’t that why we ask girls not wear skirts and sleeveless clothes? Visible arms and legs are an invitation for molestation. Right?

Why should girls take precautions to prevent themselves from being molested? Men should not molest. Period.

There are other absurd methods to prevent sexual abuse too:
1. Men can literally put their penis in a bag and lock it with a teeny tiny lock and leave the key at home. It would look hilarious and it sounds amusing. But so does your guideline of how a girl should dress or behave.
2. Men can’t control what’s a natural instinct to them. This is another theory that some great people have given as a petty excuse for physical abuse. So, why not give them some hormones that overpowers their testosterone and kills the sex drive? It would hurt the male ego quite a bit. But desperate times call for desperate measures. Sorry! 

And hey! Political leaders who are at a position that represents the people of the locality, city, state, country. If you don’t have it in you to talk sense, keeping quiet is an option. It’s not necessary to prove your mindset and worth by making statements similar to crap that not even pigs would excrete.