Move On From Party Songs To Something That Will Stir Your Soul

Posted by Drishti Barar in Video
January 7, 2017


Amidst all the party & item songs, when one comes across a song with a lot of heart and soul, one cannot help but play it on repeat. ‘Maula’ was written, sung and composed by Anuv Jain, while he was mourning the loss of his father, who passed away after battling a disease for 7 long years.

It is written from the perspective of his twin sister, who suffered the loss on a much deeper level and struggled to come to terms with the harsh reality. Anuv decided to channel that pain into this heart-wrenching ballad that expresses the pain of a daughter losing her father before he could even walk her down the aisle. (“Halle mere hatha de which mehendi da vi rang na chadeya, chadeya sirf rang safedi, utre na mein lai rakhiya.”)

One of the most poignant lines that tugs at one’s heart strings is “Mennu ae lagda hai ki bhuleya tennu jahaan par meri akhaan which tu hi toh hai raha” which means that the daughter feels that everyone has forgotten her father but she still remembers him and holds him in her eyes. She tries to be strong and doesn’t cry, so that his memories are not swept away by the falling tears.

When she heard the song for the first time, although it made her cry, it was everything that she felt, emulating her deepest emotions. Every time Anuv’s sister and mother hear this song, it gives them courage and hope. Listening to this song makes them find togetherness in their loss. In the video of ‘Maula’, you’ll be sure to find a piece of your soul.

Anuv Jain is a 21-year-old songwriter and composer from Ludhiana. Among his various compositions, ‘Baarishein‘, a romantic number, is one that hits home. He posts actively on Instagram (@anuvjain) where you can also find snippets of his new songs! Find other songs on his YouTube channel.