Not Safe In My City

Posted by Her Chubby Talks
January 6, 2017

When everyone is going with a flow of yelling out the incidents that happened to them with the hashtag #notsafeinmycity, how can a single girl leave this?

Just a week ago I faced an unfamiliar face in my living area. I could smell the intentions of the biker and reached home safely. But what if I was caught by him? What if I wasn’t that alert? Then I wouldn’t be here writing this down.

When a group of girls sit along, they discuss such topics. One day I heard something by one accused. Those painful words are still making noise in my ears. “No outdoor molestation can stop when all this is happening indoors.”

If every parent gives their girl the permission to loiter around at night? Imagine a single boy in a crowd of girls and getting molestated by them? No , I never mean to hurt people from a particular gender. But only few girls feel confident to stay out late at night and that confidence gets ruined by such incidents. But yes, boys do feel free and they enjoy going out during the evening.


Image source: Transformer18/ Flickr