Phases of Life

Posted by Vikram Suryawanshi
January 21, 2017

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Categorizing in Decades

There are many phases in our life and they can be understood in a number of ways. For this time lets us categorize them in the periods of decades, and lets evaluate their mentality and nature in these phases.


The first phase, is till the age of 10, according to our way. This period is the fastest period of human life as all of it is gone into learning. By learning things I mean learning very basic and essential things. Like speaking and understanding the mother-tongue, remembering the names of every single person in their life. Learning to call ‘cup’ to ‘cup’, ‘glass’ to ‘glass’ and ‘water’ to ‘water’. Learning to walk and run, learning that when to eat and when to drink. And in this phase they start their schooling and hence they also learn basic things about education like, writing, reading, calculating, etc. Hence, this phase is vanished in just learning.


Now the phase from the age of 10 to the age of 20 is a very vast phase regarding the intellectual, emotional and physical changes a person goes through. This phase is also very fast, but the consciousness of person is commendable so he experiences how quick the time flows. He starts to realize the different type of nature people has at the beginning of this phase, hence a child tries to stay with the people who cares more for them. The education starts to get difficult. He starts to think about life, about philosophies. This is the time where he tries to find out the meaning of life, always asking questions like, Why Am I born? And this is the phase where he develops a passion for some specific thing and choose to do that for his entire life. At this time life looks very philosophical to him, hence this is the period when he starts dreaming. This is the phase where he goes through puberty, physically his body starts to work in a more complicated way. He starts liking a girl (or a boy if you are imagining a girl in this story), this is the time when they first experiences the feeling of love towards the person of opposite sex. Most of the time, at the end of this phase, he goes through heartbreaks, and also his childhood friends get separated, he meets new people and his social life begins.



At the beginning of this phase the social life of a person goes at the peak, he tries to understand the new, makes new friends, goes on adventures, tries new things. This is the time when he attempts his first drink or smokes the first cigarette (this may happen at the end of the previous phase, but during this period the person can’t keep himself away from these things). As the phase goes, the person gets serious about life, they try to think about the upcoming life and starts to plan accordingly. People get to know about the real, practical world, and they plan according to it, leaving behind the passions and dreams they had in the previous phase. Some people do stick with their dreams, if their environment allows it. This is the time where they get serious about choosing a life partner and stops playing around. At the end of this phase most of the people choose what profession they are going to be for the remaining life, and which life partner they want to live with.


Beginning of this phase is the beginning of the new life of people. They have permanent jobs and they usually get married here. They like to spend their time with their parents in this phase rather than exploring the world. They get kids and those kids become new reasons to work and live. As a person becomes a parent, he becomes more responsible, hence he starts saving the bigger part of his income. He starts investing in insurances, for his child’s future and at the middle of this phase, he starts saving for his life after retirement. At mid of this phase the people start to realize that their physical strengths are depleting, hence, they become more aggressive towards ensuring insurances. This is the phase where he works a lot, and most of it is repeated work, he doesn’t experiment in this phase. At the end of this phase his child steps in the phase where they start dreaming, and knowing that those dreams will disappear as they step into the real world, people try to force their kids to choose reliable jobs.


After 50’s people usually realize that their time is near, so they start loving other people with more intensity than ever. This is the time when they realize that in their entire life they were the happiest when hey used to explore the world. And with the mission to see most of the world, they take retirements from their jobs and attempt to do adventures. They start reading more and get curious about more philosophies in the same way they used to do in their phase of 10-20. And this is also the period where their grandchildren reach in their phase of 10-20, and hence they understand their grand children more that their parent understands them. This is the time where they feel like giving everything because they realize that they can’t take anything from this world with them. They give their children all the property they earned in their life, and their grandchildren the wisdom they earned.

The Time

Every phase of life is inspiring and teaches us the lessons that only the time can teach us. The technology a man plays with may differ with the world’s time, but the nature of human remains loyal to his own time.

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