Princess In Shining Armour

Posted by Mannat Cheema
January 7, 2017

This for those who react when a girl dares to do something other than what their ‘Indian society’s book of rules’ says. She scares you.

Dear aunty in the neighbourhood, just because a woman is voicing her opinions doesn’t mean she has left all her sanskar and etiquettes behind. It’s just in your mindset, and nobody can help you for other than yourself. Theoretically, you believe a girl should be tough enough to protect herself. But when it comes to her being strong then that becomes unacceptable. Girls should just ignore or not take the risk.

There are other gender-based impositions like girls shouldn’t be muscular because apparently, “girls ki figure bulky achchi nahi lagti.” (it doesn’t suit a woman if she’s Questions like, “Kyun beti, ladko wali harkatein kyun kar rahi ho?” (Why are you behaving like boys?” Because going to the gym, being loud, having an opinions and getting into physical brawls are male traits and only they could do these things.

Dear Bhaiyya, who sits atop a bike with his sunglasses on – till you were jeering and whistling, you didn’t seem to care what people around you think. The moment she calls you out or gives you a piece of her mind, your ‘male ego’ is shattered and you’re suddenly aware of those around you and you say, “Bhai bol kaise gayi! Woh bhi sabke saamne beizzati kar di usne”. (How could she say that? How could she insult me in front of everybody?) And if she retaliates by kicking you in the groin or punching your nose, you say, “Bhai! Zyaada mach rahi hai isko. Sikhaana padega isse toh” (She is going out of line, I will have to teach her a lesson). What will you teach us? How not to give your brave & ‘manly’ actions an equal reaction? Ha!

So what if she’s bold? So what if she’s loud? At least it’s her words of standing up for herself that are loud. Not the catcalls which you seem to have no problem with.

Dear Society, With modern times, you changed your mobile models. Kindly change your mindset too.

Source: Vanessa Rivera de la Fuente/Facebook