Reforming The Customs

Posted by Zarqua Obaid in Women Empowerment
January 6, 2017

India, the land of customs and traditions where diversity is in majority and many religions are practiced. But although India is supposed to be a safe haven, it actually is not. The India we used to know is long gone and the new India is actually worse.

We have come to know the terms rape, molestation and harassment. It is actually a shame that the country where women are worshiped in form of goddesses, in the same country, women can’t be guaranteed their safty and have to be cautious at all times.

Some events are actually happening in the country that have disturbed the whole country’s prospective. The incident is the Bangalore mass molestation. In Bangalore what happened should never happen to any one. The women were groped and molested in public by men and no one did anything to stop it. The blame obviously was put on the women, just because she wore western clothes and went out late at night.

It is the 21st century, the youth like to party and you can’t blame a women if she gets molested for wearing clothes that she is comfortable in.

People judge you on the basis of what you wear, if you wear a suit or traditional clothes you are a “bhenji”, but if you wear western outfits you become easy and a slut. If you hang out with girls you become discriminatory and if you hang out with boys you become a slut again. If you stay by yourself, you are stuck up and snobbish but if you mingle with people you become clingy. Is this what Indian traditions and values teach us? Have you ever thought that maybe a woman wears whatever clothes because she is comfortable in them, maybe she hangs out with boys, don’t we all?

The safety of the women can’t be compromised.

The society is chauvinist and discriminatory and we can’t do anything about it unless we change our mentality and reform our thinking.

We are the youth of India and we are the future. If we want a change in the country, well we gotta work for it and it will start with you reforming your own thinking and standing up for what is right. It’s time for change.