Posted by Abhishek Singh
January 29, 2017


70 years from today, our beloved Prime Minister PT. Jawahar Lal Nehru had a tryst with destiny. Along with the tryst came the heart-break, as one soul was parted into two fragments.

To understand the situation of this cast based reservation in the country, let me give you scenario. Consider the fact that a policy has been in use from 65 years, then it should yield some results. I mean that’s what the common sense says. But, what if i say that the policy is called “RESERVATION IN INDIA” and the aim of this policy was to eradicate poverty and social backwardness from the backward class people. And bring them on a level playing field with the so-called forward class. But has that happened?? Is the policy working well?

Well you can’t say yes! And here is the reason why. After the implementation of the the Mandal Commission Report, 27% of the jobs in the Central government were reserved for OBC candidates.  And the tally of reservation at the level of the central government has reached to 49% overall,And you might be surprised or bewildered but the reservation %age is as high as 69% in Tamil Nadu.

But d do we have even a single list in which at least 0.1% of the people have been removed from the list. And the answer is Bam! In our face NO!

So this is an  evidence that the policy hasn’t worked. Mainly because, instead of removing people from the list,it has rather included people into it.

And if that’s not enough for you to understand, then let’s look at the data released by the researchers of NLU Delhi, according to the research done on prisoners who are sentenced to death by lower courts, a large no. Of them are either of lower castes or minority communities.Or they were falsely trapped by the police. these are the people who don’t even have enough education to know the sections of the law, under which they are charged.

So what does this prove? that the policy did not benefit those for whom it was made. Because if they can’t even get basic education, let alone jobs and other facilities then its proof enough of the policy’s shortcoming.

Here is another proof, even if we assume, just for the sake of it, that the policy has been working well. Then we should have had intellects, doctors and national leaders coming from backward regions such as Bastar, Garhchirauli, Lohardaga. Because the policy’s main aim was to get people from backward areas into main stream. But has that happened? And the answer again is a huge NO!

So all this is clearly pushing us towards two main conclusions. First and foremost is the fact that the policy is not working OR the cream is being taken away by the creamy layer!

So now the point to be noted is, if the policy is not working, then why has the Govts continued with it over the years?. Now comes in the political angle. What politicians basically want to do is – keep a check on both the forwards and the backwards. The politicians on one hand want to please the backwards by providing them reservations (mostly just on papers). And on the other hand they compromise with country’s future as they discourage meritorious students by promoting cast over merit.

Had they been so much interested in backward classes’ progress, then they should have reserved 49% seats in their parties and in the parliament as well, just like they have done in education and employment! But no, they just kept it much lesser in the parliament. And about their parties? Well let’s just not talk about that. Cause it’s not defined. Why?  Because it’s more convenient for them.

Let’s consider one more situation, why there is no reservation in defence?. Because its the matter of national security, and if caste is preferred over talent, we might as well become subjects of the invaders and their invasions. And the politicians will have no face to show. But on the contrary the police forces have reservation. Because the leaders of our country know that it’s an internal matter. And it is them who control the police.

The basic fundamentals behind keeping people in reserved category are to win over their votes rather than giving any extra benefits them or the rest of the country. And even if someone talks about review of the reservation policy, then the self- proclaimed seculars start shouting their rights are being violated.

Then what shall we do? Well here are some points that I suggest, if implemented could bring a new revolution in the country as far as reservation is concerned.

So i say instead of reviewing the policy lets overhaul it and make a new policy. And that should be based on economic backwardness. So here is how it should be done:-

  1. Those who are part of the current policy, let them be there and let’s add people, who are poor irrespective of their castes and religion.
  2. After that fix a minimum income limit. And we have enough data analysts to find that out. So after you have found out the no. Of families. Remake the list.
  3. First build pucca houses for those families, you might not believe but most of the Dalits and Adivasis still live in huts and kutcha houses. And provide them with the facility of drinking water and electricity. By doing that you would take the standard of their living to a certain level which is respectable.
  4. Provide free, fair and quality education to the children of those classes. So that instead of giving reservation to them and making them a liability, you give them equal opportunities and make them an asset.
  5. Provide them money for college fees, cause that’s they deserve as they lack money. But by providing seats without merit, you won’t be doing any good to them or to the country.
  6. Provide them all the facilities which would be common for all in colleges and at work places.
  7. And after doing all this, you would create a level playing field. After that is done, review the conditions of those families after every 10 years.
  8. Remove those people who have benefited from the program and if conditions change add those who have become impoverished, irrespective of their caste.

And its a guarantee that if this is implemented with all fairness, then it would imperative to say that conditions won’t change.

But if not implemented, you might just see a civil war. Because right now you just see patidars agitation, jaat agitation and gurjar agitation, but in future you never know when, RAJPUTS and BRAHMINS start it. Beware! you politicos!

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