This Man On Twitter Just Decimated The Ridiculous #NotAllMen Hashtag

Posted by Cake in Cake, Sexism And Patriarchy
January 3, 2017

In Bangalore, 2017 had a bitter start. 1,500 police constables had been deployed to maintain order during New Year’s Eve celebrations at MG Road, Churchgate, Brigade Road, and other places. But they found themselves horribly outnumbered when a crowd of drunken men began to molest women party-goers, right there on the streets. The Bangalore Mirror reports that the situation had gotten so out of hand, that the police were forced to hang back, while women kicked off their shoes and ran to safety.

As frightening and nerve-wracking scenes from that night surfaced online and in the papers, you couldn’t help but think, a little resigned, that were it not for the sheer number of people present, and were it not for the date, the issue of molestation and sexual assault might have gone entirely unnoticed.

And if this wasn’t enough, almost as soon the news broke, we had to suffer the resurgence of that dismissive hashtag – #NotAllMen. Mumbai journalist Sachin Kalbag has blasted this tendency in a series of tweets, (fondly called a rant). In them, he points out exactly what’s wrong in responding to gender-based violence with the reminder that “not all men are rapists and molestors.”

Feminists have been calling out this bullshit for years, but maybe Kalbag – a real live man – can actually get through to these #NotAllMen brigands.

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