Sairat: Transcending Cultural Differences

Posted by atul kisku
January 13, 2017

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I saw sairat one evening as an answer to my friend repetitive effort of coaxing and out of simple curiosity. I wanted to know why more than a million people had urge themselves to watch it, not that it’s a regional movie and the reach it has cover(premeired at berlin film festival) but it’s highlight of cultural differences and honour killing.c

The film has a revolting voice and it has certainly inflicted masses. Though, what send us back in regression mode is it’s depiction of love and it’s handlers around them. In this digital space, we talk about transformation but still bound childrens with societal norms.

We are still struggling in a space where at the twilight we are brought back to reality by the wrath of family if we are derailed from normal norms.

After embracing decades of plague in society in the forms of casteism, social hierarchy, cross cultural disaffection, honour killing etc.  This film push  us back there and gave a glimpse what we thought we had transcended.

This disease of society is still at large and it’s sensitive nature compels people to talk only inside the comfortable zone. In this world of cultural diversity we cannot regress ourselves which this film explicitly showed where we really are and gave the hint what’s it to live around such clutches of society.

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