Social Service For Social Change

Posted by Ila Foundations
January 22, 2017

Some only speak, we believe in action.

A health camp in Barola village in Noida got completed successfully on January 22, 2017. The people who visited us were mostly rag pickers, who would segregate the garbage and earn their livelihood by selling it. Most of them were from Bengal and because they couldn’t speak in Hindi, they couldn’t find jobs and hence, settled in the slums. 105 people benefited from the camp. We distributed iron-folic acids, deworming tablets and other basic medicines.

Surprisingly none of the 105 people had diabetes or hypertension. We noted that a few people had anaemia, and general body aches, gastritis, fever, etc. The ones that needed the service were those diagnosed with tuberculosis.

These people had no toilets. Most of those who visited us had no access to toilets. The best they were earning in a day was ₹150. They hardly earned ₹5000-6000 a month. They didn’t have access to medical facilities.

We should try and organise these camps at least once every month. We welcome support and encouragement in all aspects of our work. Social change shall only result for the better, if every citizen believes that it is their duty to initiate change for the better.

Social change can be brought about only by action