That Girl

Posted by Ankita R. Kanade
January 5, 2017

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This is the incidence happened to me back in the so many days. So I am back again after so many days.

I was travelling back to my home by bus. As time passed away, by observing everyone around me and having a comfortable standing position I saw two little girls coming to the backside of bus where  I was standing , it was being very difficult for them to make their way out of that crowd but somehow they managed.  They stood beside me .one of them 7-8 years old and other one is of , I think 5 years old.

These two are really very small girls , they are finding their brother by calling “Bhaiya, Bhaiya (brother brother)!” “Ithech ahe mi (I am here),” He responded to their call.

Then I realized these are the kids from the slum area and their parents made them to sell these things at the signal, because people feel more pity to the child. I have started to talk to those little girls. The conversation started with their names, Durga and Laxmi. Indian parents are so happy to name their child by the name of God or Goddess, but why do they handover these works to them which are not meant for them.

The second obvious question which we ask to every other kid is, “In which class do you study?” She answered me, “Anganwadi (Kindergarten).”

So I asked her,”What did you study today?”

“I didn’t go to school today.”

I asked, “Why?”

“I don’t like to go to school.”


“Teacher scolds at me, she punishes me.”

“You must have done something wrong na, that’s why she scold you and Teachers are so good, she teaches you many good good poems na.”

“No, but I don’t like to go to school.”

“Okay then. If you don’t go to school, how will you become a big person and how will you go to office and how can you have a lot of money.”

I was trying to convince her to go to school, but I think it was my false try. I should have tried something different which didn’t clicked me that time.

Then I asked her, “What do you want to become when you will become of my age?”

She gave me unexpected answer, ”I am going to manage my all house, I will cook for my family. I will clean my house like my mother.

“Then how can you get money if you will only cook and clean your home? You will have to beg to your husband for money.”

“I will sell maal, that’s how I will get money.” (She was mentioning about those things which she sells at signal)

I was so surprised by her answer. Oh! I was having my Phone in my hand and we all know children are always fascinated by mobile phones, and then I got an idea.

“Look this is my phone, if you want this when you will get of my age, you will not be able to purchase this, by only selling your maal. For that you have to go to school, then you will grow up and started to go to office and that’s how you will get money to purchase this phone.”

She answered, ”Who wants that phone, I am happy without that phone and I am happy without going to school.”

And now I am astonished. How can a child only have a dream like this? And the bus stopped at the bus stop, those little girls and boy got down from bus but left me with full of questions and many thoughts. There are many thoughts in my mind about happiness, satisfaction, success, dream and many more. I was just not able to convince that girl for a simple thing. People say, if you have to reach to your dream destination, you should not be satisfied about your present condition. People also say, be happy for whatever you have and whatever you don’t have, because that’s the life.

Both statements are correct at the same time but controversial to each other. If we are happy in our present condition we will not struggle for high. It should be the journey of that struggle where we should be happy and that will be the real achievement.

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