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Thatmate – The GenY Kamasutra

Posted by Madhavi Jadhav
January 24, 2017

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What is seldom hidden or minced, happens to be most wanted hits in the mind”

A teenage boy mistakenly touches his fellow classmate (girl) and remains baffled at the gush of feelings inside and vice versa. He/she is too naïve to understand that. Our society has been ignorant to many important issues including this, camouflaging under a ‘pure, methodological, disciplined face’ without realising the harm this mask is doing. Wherever the need arises, a solution is born. Society has adapted to the delusional masks and gained know-how required to overcome this wall. Girls are secretly mentored by moms and given the minimal knowledge required to only clear their doubts rather than being explaining them in detail.

Catering to these issues, Thatmate has been launched and has been continuously growing in this direction by becoming the knowledge hub of sexuality education. The question arises in everyone’s mind – why do we need a separate platform for sexuality education when everything is available on Google etc.? The issue culminates on reliability, trust and correctness of the information shared by various sources. Usually, we tend to hover over many search results out of the million provided by Google baba and then make a summary out of all the incoming data. So is that correct way to answer your queries relating to such an important issue? There lays the ignorance slowly crunching in from one generation to other but it’s time to stop that vicious loop and start imparting basic sex education among all.

One would ask how big sexuality education is. The straight forward answer is very short, just like you can read Chetan Bhagat’s novel in one day and it’s over. Wait until that tiny book gets converted into the Harry Potter series and you may want to finish that as early as possible to get that satisfaction and vast knowledge. Half knowledge is always dangerous. For examples, if you believed your penis size being smaller would arouse problems in having intercourse, your confidence levels would slump that can lead to mental instability. But if you knew, there are specific positions and knowledge required to overcome your genital limitations, you would be a happy individual.

If we start with sexuality education, some topics that can be talked about are: – the first night of marriage, penis size, hymen, testosterone related hormonal changes, abuse, rape, puberty, STD’s, sterilisation, masturbation, teenage pregnancy, virginity etc. Are you really aware of these topics, what are they, how do they affect your normal life?

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