How Not To Get Molested: A Guideline For All ‘Immoral’ Women Out There

Posted by Subhasree Das in Sexism And Patriarchy
January 8, 2017

2016 was a year of new trends.We came across the mannequin challenge, the flip the bottle challenge, the trend of wearing nude lipstick with dramatic eyes, and so on and so forth. So naturally, 2017 had to start with a bang. And what a start it was! First came the mass molestation case in Bangalore in India, and now we have Innsbruck in Austria following suit.

I don’t blame the men. Can you blame them for acting like bastards if we women are the ones dressed like ‘sluts’? Who told you to wear that tight dress? who gave you the permission to show off your legs? Who said that you can show your back or your navel? Don’t you know your body doesn’t belong to you? It is the property of society. The honour of your family – your virginity is a measure of their respect in society. So it is absolutely your fault that you were touched inappropriately. You deserved it.

Who told you that you can roam around in the streets at midnight? who permitted you to go to that nightclub and grind your body against other men? Don’t you know that your body is a temple? Don’t you know that the day you were born and that too with a vagina, you were destined to stay at home and take care of your family? You were destined to give birth to children, by all means ‘sons’, so that they grow up into ‘gentlemen’ and rape women like you.

No, I don’t blame the men for what happened, because as Abu Azmi of Samajwadi Party correctly said, “If there is sugar somewhere, ants will come.” They were just accepting your offerings honey. You were standing there in your drunken stupor begging to be touched . How can you blame him if you are the one ASKING FOR IT?

So darling, just follow these simple steps if you want to stay safe and secure and not get molested or raped:-

  1. Wear a burqa at all times. Even though a burqa-clad woman was molested recently, your chances of getting raped will reduce drastically as your face and body act like a beacon to all those poor men out there.
  2. Never step out of your after 6 p.m. or on a second note, before 6 p.m. either, because, well, do you remember the stories of the bogeyman you were told when you were little? Turns out they were true.
  3. Don’t have male friends. Ever. Because that acts like an instant information to all people around you that you are comfortable in being touched inappropriately. And girls from GOOD FAMILIES don’t have male friends, okay? That’s just immoral.
  4. Know your place. You were born to be a doormat and you gotta act like one. Don’t demand for outrageous stuff like equality and equal work pay and all that. If you dare to raise your voice, society will cut off your tongue.
  5. Don’t smile, don’t laugh, don’t cuss or for that reason, just don’t emote. Your emotions are like pheromones to men. They lure them in.




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