The New Obsession: Snapchat

Posted by Shiksha Chhabra
January 6, 2017


A word which is being used by youngsters on a daily basis. 2016 saw many trends and Snapchat was one of the coolest ones. We all know that today’s generation has a lot of ‘netheads’ and Snapchat gave all of them the perfect platform.

Snapchat started as a simple photo sharing app but who knew that it would grow exponentially that by the end of 2016, it will have beguiled 100 million daily users. With time, it has become more user-friendly and has continued improving its interface.

When I started using Snapchat, I was least interested in it, and my reaction was: “Kya bekar cheez, picture send karo aur ussi time gayab” (Such a useless thing, click a picture, and it vanishes instantly). But eventually a lot of my friends started using it, and I thought I should give it a try too. Now Snapchat is one of my most loved apps. Now, I can travel to a whole new place and enjoy its exquisiteness just by seeing the stories of the people I follow. I can choose what I want to eat next just going through my ‘Snap’ stories. This has become possible because Snapchat has hit our generation in such a way that wherever they go, posting a story becomes mandatory. One has to post what they are eating, where they are travelling to or partying, etc.

Aren’t you flabbergasted? Let me share another interesting thing to make it more piquant.

You can catch up on all the gossip about your favourite celebrity. You could also learn a new skill using the app because our generation is very clever, they have started using Snapchat as a platform where they promote their work.

Some people might be against the use of Snapchat as they think it puts our lives on public display. But if everything is going digital, then why can’t we? There’s nothing wrong in being social till you’re using the available technology in the right manner. I am not saying that one should flaunt their personal lives on these platforms, but there is no harm in being social till a certain limit.

Digitalisation is the new trend and it will be lucrative for people if they come out of their cocoons and express their opinions as: “Opinions are becoming the new facts.”