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The Prevailing Education System In India

Posted by Yashika Mehta in Education
January 4, 2017

A world where teachings reach new heights,
A world where people are educated rather than being literate,
A world where learning is encouraged more than mugging up,
Is a world our motherland needs to imagine.

The difference between education and literacy has still not been understood by the fellow citizens of our country. We’re living in a country where learning has lost its importance and mugging up is encouraged. This leads to degradation of our nation. The prevailing education system has become the root to all problems of our country. Let’s go into depth of this. The tax given by us should go to the government for improving various lowering aspects in India, but it’s ultimately gone to the corrupt and self-seeking politicians. The money isn’t used for the improvement of the education system, and that lowers the morale of children and teachers. Our present education system tests our memory power (rote learning), not our intelligence and hence, learning is discouraged. If children don’t learn, they will never be able to understand how to make India a better place, because their basic aim would just be to score, and not to think about the nation. This lowers the amount of creativity in India. With the decrease in ideology, the job-seekers increase, which gives rise to unemployment. Due to this, people tend to go abroad to make their career, where there are more employment opportunities. Indirectly, our nation is getting degraded day by day because of the present education system.

The education in India is imperfect because the interaction between teachers and students is less. Once there was a time when children were too shy to go for extra classes, but nowadays children proudly say that they go to some or the other coaching institute. Children don’t get time for self study; either because of getting too much homework, or because of going to extra classes. Since this education system doesn’t help in the intellectual and social growth of children, we’re losing the number of orators day by day. Because of not developing convincing public speaking skills, no one is able to bring out change. In such cases, we can’t expect the betterment of our nation. Our basic fault is that we’re blindly following what we’re taught. We’re not able to realize the true meaning of education even after 69 years of independence. No one is ready to raise a voice against this wrong system. If we, the youth of the country, are scared to do so, then we don’t have the right to expect a beautiful change in our country. Starting with the school level is the best option; a simple request to our school authorities can take our opinion to government. Then that day won’t be far when India will soar above the skies because of Indian creative ability.

Jai Hind!