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The Story Of Three Emotions – Yeh Zindagi Hai

Posted by Kartik Pandey in Video
January 4, 2017

One evening, in a wedding reception I observed something. A child was laughing loud and his mother suddenly scolded him with a look of her eyes for doing so in public. This small incident brought a thought in my mind. How some emotions are gifted to us by God and how agents of our socialisation process curb those emotions.

No one taught us how to laugh, cry or love. These are natural emotion gifted to us. We cried as soon as we were born. We laughed even before we spoke. And we loved people before aversion. These emotions came to us very frequently without anyone’s permission. But as we grow old manners and etiquette came into the picture. Taboos like “men never cry” with counter taboos like “men cry, but they don’t show their tears” encounter us at many points in life. Then society relates laughing loudly with arrogance, crying with weakness and loving with deviation. And slowly we substitute natural emotion with artificial expression. We start crying behind closed bathroom doors, policing our laugh and loving silently.

I spent whole night thinking about this. The spark that kindled that night became a forest fire by morning. At 4 am, I sat down to carve these thoughts on paper. And then a non-conformist poetry in three parts took shape.

I shared the poetry and the concept with my friends Shivam and Anmol. As I recited the poetry I got the best appreciation from my first audience. Shivam thought over the concept and poetry with the point of view of a director and requested me to write dialogues and give it the shape of a script. That didn’t take time. As we three were famous for our friendship and non-conformist attitude during school days, Shivam had decided to cast us in the film.

We spent the whole day planning our set, properties and lights. At 11 pm the whole team of Yeh Zindagi Hai (This Is Life) met at the rooftop of Shivam’s house to create this film. You might have done wonders in life but you definitely have never made a movie overnight.
Directed by – Shivam Jemini

Written by – Kartik Pandey