The Teaching Change

Posted by Shivam Bajaj
January 10, 2017


Changing the definition of teaching. Passion for music has changed one’s life.

Teachers should be like him

“We need the practice to get better and should keep exploring new things and should never stop learning,” said Mr Nischal Lama, a guitarist cum vocalist in Kavya Band and western music teacher at Sachdeva Global School, Dwarka.

“Music is the only thing, which transforms one’s perception and way of living,” he said. “Music is the best way to socialise with people,” he added.

He criticizes today’s musical knowledge to be in dark as the misuse of the profession has to lead to untrained students and for which teachers are responsible as they disseminate incorrect knowledge to students and also keep a time and money constraint while teaching.

During his talk, he also emphasized that the teachers should teach their students keeping in mind that he is teaching to his relatives and should not keep the time and money constraint.

Mr. Nischal angrily told, “The taste of Music nowadays has been changed from acoustics to meaningless EDMs, acoustics make music soulful and also gives relaxation to the listener, but unfortunately, nowadays acoustics is being removed from the mainstream culture”.

“I hope that the acoustics will replace the meaningless EDMs very soon.”

Mr. Nischal doesn’t believe in the theory of a favorite student, according to him every student is favorite it is just the behavior which differentiates a student from others and not his or her performance.

IF TEACHERS LIKE HIM Continue to GROW Then Definitely Our Posterity will be in safer hands.

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